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About us

Yoga, Meditation & Movement classes taught by Katie & Hazel from Cork & Clare.


We joined forces during the pandemic to help support each other as teachers, mothers and business women trying to survive in such uncertain times while continuing to support our yoga communities.

Our intention was to create an online yoga studio that had a diverse range of offerings, bringing you variety with two different teachers & their own unique style.

As well as our online library, we continue to teach in person classes in our individual communities while still coming together to offer workshops, events and retreats.

Outside of Yoga, we both love nature, hiking, sea swims, the human body, the workings of the mind, movement in all its forms, laughter, honesty, authenticity and community.

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Meet Your Teachers

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Katie Ahern

Yoga in Clare

About Katie Ahern

I was first introduced to yoga at the age of 16 but it was not until I was travelling Nepal after college, that I really discovered the true power of the practice. After what started as a three day meditation and yoga retreat, turned into three weeks and ultimately the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life.

I have a degree in Criminal Justice and my intention was to come home and take a masters in Youth Justice, as I saw myself working in rehabilitation but I ended up spending the majority of the next four years between India and Thailand studying yoga and Buddhism.

I completed my 200hr in Ashtanga Yoga with Tattva Yoga Shala in 2014, in Rishikesh India and shortly after began my teaching career in NewLife Foundation Thailand. A mindful recovery centre for people to learn ways to understand and deal with issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety and stress, based on Buddhist psychology and mindfulness. This year was hugely transformational for me.

My teaching has evolved so much over the years and while I love the magic of yoga, my classes blend a more scientific approach to movement and the body, I incorporate strength, mobility, vinyasa and mindfulness. I returned to Ireland and took a 300hr in Neuromuscular Yoga Therapy at the same time CorkLotus Yoga was born. I have studied Yin, Chinese Meridian Theory and Mindfulness with Josh Summers. I completed a course in FRC (functional range conditioning) with Dr. Andreo Spina. My Mentor Cecily from Yoga Detour has been a huge inspiration for my teaching as of late. I am recently after giving birth and have spent the last two years diving deep into all things wombman related. I feel very passionately about menstruation awareness and postnatal work, as I have been on a serious journey with both.

I believe that the breath is the connection for calming the mind and staying present in each moment, cultivating an awareness of every sensation, breath, feeling and thought throughout our practice. This allows us an opportunity into the nature of the mind and to begin to see patterns which initiate the transformation for change. For me, this is the real power of yoga and a theme that runs through all of my classes.

Hazel O’Sullivan

Yoga in Cork
Hazel - Teacher at Cork Lotus Yoga

About Hazel O’Sullivan

I attended my first Yoga class in 2010. It made me feel free, in my body & my mind. I remember feeling more myself than I had in years.

I pretty much decided that day that I wanted to be a Yoga teacher and spread that feeling to as many people as I could. My 200 hr TTC was in 2012 and had a strong focus on Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow practices.

Soon after, I moved to Wellington, NZ where I continued an Ashtanga Mysore practice in a beautiful studio. I taught in studios across Wellington & in large corporations there too.

Since 2016, I have taught in Dublin & Cork. I have worked with and assisted some inspiring teachers along the way who have all shaped my teaching in some way or another.

My aim, as a teacher is to allow you to deeply connect with your body & mind. To not only learn Asanas (poses) but learn about yourself in the process. Yoga has taught me a lot about myself, my reactions, my unconscious thought patterns & habitual ways of being. Because of that awareness, I have learned (and am still learning) to make better choices for myself and lead a happier and more fulfilling life. I want to offer you the space to do the same.

I am also, now, studying in Cork to become a Psychotherapist. I want to eventually amalgamate both yoga and therapy and be able to host retreats, workshops and classes with a deeper dimension to them.

I now love teaching a combination all that I have learned over the past 10 years.

My classes are lighthearted with a focus on embodiment, self awareness & breath.

Sarah Hagan

Sarah Hagan

About Sarah Hagan

Sarah is a yoga teacher, chef, & herbalism and yoga therapy student. She has been on a continuous, ever-evolving journey with yoga for the past 11 years. Sarah previously led retreats at the Cliffs of Moher Retreat Centre and is now teaching at Common Knowledge in Co. Clare. She has a deep connection to Nepal and now runs yearly yoga and trekking retreats to the Himalayas.

As a biochemistry graduate and current yoga therapy student, Sarah is very interested in the profound healing powers and chemistry-altering effects that breathwork, conscious movement and mindful meditation have on the body, mind and psyche.

Her classes are alignment focused, peppered heavily with breathwork, with strong feminine undertones. She weaves elements of softness, surrender and connection into her classes to ensure a nurturing space is created in which students can explore their true potential while heightening their self-awareness.

Orla Thornton


About Orla Thornton

Orla is a Yoga teacher and Red Alchemist informed by a background of a First Class Honours Bachelor Degree in Physical Education with Gaeilge and Menstrual Cycle Awareness training under the specialist mentorship of Kitty Maguire. She has completed several yoga trainings under the expert guidance of Sibylle Dallman, Naomi Sturdy and Grace Tempany, Yoga Therapy Ireland amongst others. She is an avid lover of the outdoors, adores anything that involves the sea and having a good laugh in life along the way. Often, she weaves themes of nature into her offerings and she believes it is vital that we look after our own energy first and foremost before we step out into the world. By becoming aware, you can attune to the energy and form of your own body and create your own container for deep and meaningful rest.

Aisling Browne

Aisling Browne
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About Aisling Browne

I’m Aisling, I’m a 39 year old mom of two, 3 year old Xavi & 1 year old Naomi.
I am a Pilates & Yoga teacher and I changed career to do so, because having felt the immense difference a committed movement practice made to my life, I was deeply compelled to help others integrate it into theirs.
My classes are best described as a full body mat Pilates practice but with additional elements added to create as mindful a movement practice as possible.
I am very passionate about empowering people to tap into and harness the strength that lies deep within us all, both physically and mentally, all the while honouring where we are at, congratulations and commending ourselves for showing up and digging deep and never ever gaining strength through mental or physical persecution but instead through empowerment, self-love and self-encouragement.
I have only one rule in my class and that is “no negative self-talk.”
We are all trying our best and a little self-championing and self-support goes a long way.
My aim is for you to use my class as an opportunity to build strength, to feel more connected to your one precious body, to use the time as a chance to come home to yourself and as a reminder that you belong….
in your body, on your mat and in the world.
And yes, sometimes it’s hard, but thankfully we can do hard things.
I end every class with a juicy, well-deserved stretch and then off we go,
back into our lives, feeling stronger, more empowered and more resilient,
Because we are all those things.