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Yoga in Cork

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Yoga Studio in Cork City

We are in the middle of opening our own big studio in the heart of Cork City. For now, Hazel, who runs our Cork studio, is doing 3 group classes per week for now.
One mixed-level Vinyasa class in Douglas Yoga Centre and 2 in the City Centre, Strong Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.
Her classes are strong and fun but filled with embodiment practices to leave you feeling peaceful in your mind and stable and free in your body. Booking below!

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our yoga teachers

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  • Hazel - Teacher at Cork Lotus Yoga

    Hazel O’Sullivan

  • Katie Ahern

  • Sarah Hagan

    Sarah Hagan

    Yoga Therapy


A list of events & classes we have going on in Cork. Our yoga classes are designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery, to help you release the tightness, pain and tension in your body and mind and to help you begin to move more freely and easily.

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    Somatics & Straps - 2 Day Workshop - Feb 3rd & 4th - 9am-4.30pm

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Our Yoga Style

  • Yoga 1

    Yoga 1

    Beginners Yoga with functional movement. This class is suitable for people newer to yoga or those who want a slower paced practice. Our classes integrate breathwork, mindfulness, movement and relaxation.
  • Yoga 2

    Yoga 2

    Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Practice, dynamic with a focus on strength and alignment. This class is suitable for those with some experience of yoga, developing the vinyasa system, where we utilize the sun salutations to link postures together to form threads or mini sequences. All classes start with breath work, a warm up sequence to prepare the joints before we move into a more fluid based practice.
  • Yoga 3

    Yoga 3

    This is a strong, dynamic flow style practice, creative sequencing and transitions used throughout the class This is a strong, dynamic flow style practice, creative sequencing and transitions used throughout the class to explore peak poses. It’s for people who are relatively comfortable with their yoga practice and are up for a fun challenge.
  • Yin Yoga

    Yin Yoga

    Our Yin and Mindfulness class invites you to slow down and create a space for stillness and silence while nourishing the deeper tissues of your joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. We achieve this by putting mild stresses on areas in the body with long held postures, which we approach passively, allowing these tissues to become stronger, healthier and thus happier. Yin works on the myofascial meridian system and originates from Daoist practices which combines ancient traditional acupuncture theory. This can enhance the body’s energetic flow and support emotional equilibrium, promoting a harmonious balance within all elements of the body mind.
  • Morning Flow

    Morning Flow

    A slow and steady class suitable for all levels. Designed to encourage a more mindful and present start to your day. We include Asanas (postures), breath awareness and relaxation in each class.
  • Ashtanga Yoga - Mysore Practice

    Ashtanga Yoga - Mysore Practice

    Mysore classes are a traditional method of teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Each student practices independently, learning the asanas of the Ashtanga series at their own pace. The student is taught and assisted directly by the teacher, offered hands-on adjustments, pose variations and tips for progression. The student also has more space and time to learn the concepts of breath, bandha (energy locks) and drishti (gaze). Using this method the student build up their personalised practice over time. No experience is required to attend Mysore - students of all experience levels and abilities practice alongside each other at their own pace.

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