' The Practice is not in the asana

Its in the awareness'

                                                         Julie Martin


My name is Katie and I am the owner of Cork Lotus Yoga, we are located in the Long Yard Studios just off Barrack street, in Corks historical walled quarter, a 3-minute walk from the Grand parade and have off street parking (that is an added bonus for city center!). For those on foot - up Barrack Street you swing a left into the lane-way across from Tom Barrys, and we are in on the left.  


The human body is a complex but fascinating machine, not only does the physical body need looking after but so too does our brain and our mind, especially now in an increasingly faster paced world. I combine years of experience with yoga, mindfulness and more recent training's in functional movement, joint health, yoga and biomechanic's to create a space for people to nurture their mind and body equally. I embody an non-dogmatic way and acknowledge  the uniqueness in every human.

My classes integrate stability, strength and mobility based practices from the different systems with traditional classical yoga (my style has its roots in Vinyasa Yoga) all held within a mindfulness container. Each practice is an exploration of movement, breath, sensation and stillness which creates the foundation of the practice. Students are always encouraged to respect their bodies and only move in away that feels good for them, its a practice about self inquiry and in the process we get to know and understand ourselves a little better.


Check out our class descriptions, we have specific classes for beginners, intermediate & advanced.

Courses will start back up in the New Year

To get an idea of our prices and passes, booking has been made really easy . 

We are on the MIndbody system.

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Get to know your teacher, read a little bit about my journey over the past 9 years. 

Contact Me

Studio 4, The Longsyard (OFf Barrack Street), Tower Street, Cork  |  Tel: 0851996619

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