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Our Online Library has a range of creatively sequenced classes. We offer a variety of different levels, duration, styles and intensity. With classes like 'Moving Mindfully', 'Strength for Yoga' & 'Pre/ Post-Natal', we incorporate our knowledge, experience & expertise in both our unique styles of teaching.
Cork Lotus Yoga - Yoga Online - Membership - Hazel & Katie

Weekly Yoga Class - Online Membership

19.99€ per Month or 119.94€ per 6 Months
Weekly updated classes
Access to our fully stocked Class Library with over 50+ classes
Classes suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced
Yin Yoga
Mindfulness practices
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Strength for Yoga
Mobility sequences
Monthly Live Zoom Class
Pre & Post Natal
A variety of different class lengths


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Why Cork Lotus Yoga Online?

Cork Lotus Yoga is dedicated to creating real, authentic and personal yoga practices for all types of yoga students. We believe that yoga is for everyone, whether you are young, old, flexible, stiff, fit, or not. We offer a large range of classes for you to use any time, any where & any mood, however high or low your energy levels may be.

Cork Lotus Yoga - Yoga Online - Membership
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Fit us into your day, your mood & your lifestyle.

With our library full of classes categorised into various styles, class durations, anatomical focus, intensity levels, and skill development, you can take full control of your yoga practice.
Online Membership


A slow downed flow. This class is suitable for most people with a bit of yoga experience. It will incorporate slow vinyasa style movement (breath based flow) with calming, soothing Yin yoga & Breathwork. There will be a strong emphasis on how the practice makes you feel rather than the aesthetic look of your asana (pose).
Online Membership


Beginners Yoga with functional movement. This class is suitable for people newer to yoga or those who want a slower paced practice. Our classes integrate breathwork, mindfulness, movement and relaxation.
Online Membership


Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Practice, dynamic with a focus on strength and alignment. This class is suitable for those with some experience of yoga, developing the vinyasa system, where we utilize the sun salutations to link postures together to form threads or mini sequences. All classes start with breath work, a warm up sequence to prepare the joints before we move into a more fluid based practice.


This is a strong, dynamic flow style practice, creative sequencing and transitions used throughout the class This is a strong, dynamic flow style practice, creative sequencing and transitions used throughout the class to explore peak poses. It’s for people who are relatively comfortable with their yoga practice and are up for a fun challenge.


Our Yin and Mindfulness class invites you to slow down and create a space for stillness and silence while nourishing the deeper tissues of your joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. We achieve this by putting mild stresses on areas in the body with long held postures, which we approach passively, allowing these tissues to become stronger, healthier and thus happier. Yin works on the myofascial meridian system and originates from Daoist practices which combines ancient traditional acupuncture theory. This can enhance the body’s energetic flow and support emotional equilibrium, promoting a harmonious balance within all elements of the body mind.


Strength, mobility, use of creative sequencing and repetition This class is for intermediate students, it’s a blend of yoga, pilates, strength and conditioning and movement practices. We mainly focus on the deep muscles that support the pelvis, primarily the glutes and core. We end the practice with breathwork and deep relaxation.
Online Membership


A practice that will focus on breathwork, movement and deep relaxation to support the changes in your body, when growing a tiny human.

What people are saying...

First time trying yoga and I couldn't have found a better place. I loved every minute spent with Katie. She is undoubtedly the best yoga teacher in Cork. She shares her knowledge with so much passion. The atmosphere in her studio is cozy and relaxed. Katie is kind and always makes you feel welcome. I have tried to find a good place to practice yoga back in my home country but it's difficult when you have already experienced the best. Try it and you will look forward to the next class.
Danvoye Lise
from Google Review
My favourite yoga studio for 4 years running, Katie is a warm and funny teacher and she is bringing together a wonderful, intentional community in Cork city. The new studio is a wonderful space and her classes are always athletic, deeply reflective and somehow ...intellectually physical. Every class I takes me somewhere, challenging me to think differently about my practice, with a combination of traditional poses and strength workouts that really push the boundaries of yoga. In a good way. I've been following her online classes recently and they are Excellent - really helping me make space to meditate and time to exercise.
Nicola Stathers
from Google Review
Katie is such a sweet and humble yoga teacher. I have enjoyed her classes over the past few months when I was still in Cork, Ireland so much. Thank you Katie for all the classes, wish I could take you with me to the Netherlands to continue the classes here :(
from Google Review
I absolutely loved every single class I did with Katie. She is so friendly, patient and attitude - free. The classes really suit my needs and I always felt she looked after me well. I'm still working on becoming more flexible and not once I felt conscious or awkward. Can't wait for the studio to finally opening up again.
Katharina Busemann
from Facebook
Katie is absolutely amazing, she's so friendly and you're always greeted with a warm welcome at the studio. She is a fountain of knowledge. The classes are so enjoyable, you will learn something new each time from mindfulness as well as the relationship between the anatomy and yoga (this is something I really enjoy & haven't experienced it elsewhere). Katie's online classes during the Covid-19 have been so helpful & accommodating for people accessing them online. Would highly recommend her classes!!!
Elaine Smith
from Facebook
Katie is a wonderful teacher. No matter what the pose, she offers you easy, medium and hard options. She is very considerate of an individual's abilities. I love her classes - the atmosphere in the studio is so positive. During the lockdown, her online classes have been a lifeline. I have asked her to design a personal practice for me and her videos have improved my flexibility and strength so much. I would recommend her to anyone!
Aoife Bhreatnach
from Facebook
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