Yoga Classes Cork

All our classes are held at our purpose built studio. whether its Level 1 or Level 3 integrate stability, strength and flow, all held within a mindfulness container. Each practice is an exploration of movement, breath, sensation and stillness which creates the foundation of the practice. Students are always encouraged to respect their bodies and only move in away that feels good for them. 


The framework of each class stays the same each week. Meditation and breathwork, joint focused warm up practices and then we integrate into more fluid movement sequences, finishing with a deep relaxation. The focus and theme will change week to week, for example: hips, knees and ankles, spine and core or upper body - shoulders, elbows and wrists.

Moving Mindfully

A slow downed flow

Monday 6.30pm

Sunday 11.15am


This class is suitable for most people with a bit of yoga experience. It will incorporate slow vinyasa style movement (breath based flow) with calming, soothing Yin yoga & Breathwork.

There will be a strong emphasis on how the practice makes you feel rather than the aesthetic look of your asana (pose).

The desire is to leave you feeling embodied, grounded and present in the moment.There will be no achieving in this class, it is not about having to create the perfect shape. It’s an exploration of your body, an inquiry, as you find your own individual expression of movement.

Yoga 1

Beginners Yoga with functional movement

Monday 6.15pm

This class is for beginners or those that like a slower pace.

Our level 1 is a slower pace class, perfect for a beginner or somebody coming back to the practice. The style of yoga taught originates from the tradition of vinyasa yoga (which is a breath centered flow style) but is infused with a more modern and evidenced based approach to movement and the body.

The class focuses on breathing practices to help regulate the nervous system, which can be very helpful if we are dealing with stress and anxiety. Mobility for joint health and longevity, strength, and flexibility.

Mindfulness is the main theme and practice, that is intertwined through all classes.

Yoga 2

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Practice, dynamic with a focus on strength and alignment.

Monday 7.45pm

This class is for people who have done at least six consecutive weeks of a beginners course or block of classes done. You should be comfortable with three to four rounds of sun salutations

This class is suitable for those with some experience of yoga, developing the vinyasa system, where we utilize the sun salutations to link postures together to form threads or mini sequences. It is a progressive yet strong dynamic practice that encourages the student to move according to their own edge.

No two classes are the same as each week we explore a different theme and body focus. All classes start with breath work, a warm up sequence to prepare the joints before we move into a more fluid based practice. Poses are broken down and modifications are offered so the student learns how to individually express themselves in each pose, while still focusing on understanding principles of alignment and the integration of breath.

Yoga 3

This is a strong, dynamic flow style practice, creative sequencing and transitions used throughout the class.

Wednesday 6.30pm

This class is for people who have at least a year or two of a regular weekly practice. You should be comfortable with vinyasa or ashtanga yoga style.

This class combines dynamic movement with more complex sequencing, building heat and stamina. You will explore different transitions, build upon foundational poses and progress to some more advanced asana, a strong emphasis is placed on strength and stability and preparing the joints of the body so we can keep our bodies safe while exploring peak poses.

You will be challenged more deeply on a physical and psychological level, please honor your experience and be all you can be in this class.

Strenght For Yoga

Strength, mobility, use of creative sequencing and repetition

This class is for intermediate and advanced students, looking to build up strength but do not particularly like the gym.

We have a tendency to think of the ‘core’ as just the abdominals but in this practice will work on the deep, strong muscles closest to the bones. These muscles are more responsible for stability and support, while our more superficial muscles are about creating movement. If the deep muscles are not functioning properly the surfaces muscle get over worked and tired, which can lead to dysfunctional movement and compensation patterns.

We will focus on diaphragmatic breathing, isolation of particular muscles, activation through strength-based movement and then integration, through a flow based practice.

Ending as always, with a deep relaxation.

Gentle Flow

Move well

Friday 10.00am

This class is for newer students or those looking for a slower based practice but want to move well, little time is spent on the wrists in this class, so it is more accessible to those who can find it challenging to get up and down off the floor.

Our morning flow will be a gentle but steady practice to reset your mind and body. Open to those who are beginning their yoga journey, want a slower paced flow, dealing with injuries or the inevitable process of aging and the effects this can create in the body.

Currently we have from 22 - 72 years of age and a great mix of males and females

In this class, we will focus on breath-based movement helping to connect the mind and body. Within our physical postures greater emphasis will be placed on creating strength, stability and support for the spine. We will look to stretch and open the body to release muscle tension, strengthen the softer connective tissue around our joints, and help to increase our over all range of motion, promoting balance within the structures of our body. Class finishes with a long guided relaxation.

Yin & Mindfulness

Slowing down, stillness mindfulness

Wednesday 8.00pm

All Levels practice

Our Yin and Mindfulness class invites you to slow down and create a space for stillness and silence while nourishing the deeper tissues of your joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. We achieve this by putting mild stresses on areas in the body with long held postures, which we approach passively, allowing these tissues to become stronger, healthier and thus happier.

This class will have you mainly on the floor as most postures are supine and seated and can be held from anything from 2- 5 minutes, giving the body time to relax and open in its own time. It is a wonderful compliment to a more yang (active) practice and a much needed tool for anyone who needs to unwind a tight body or busy mind.

Yin works on the myofascial meridian system and originates from Daoist practices which combines ancient traditional acupuncture theory. This can enhance the body’s energetic flow and support emotional equilibrium, promoting a harmonious balance within all elements of the body mind.