One To One

  • All sessions are tailored to the individuals needs including a supporting programme to help develop a home practice.

  • One to one sessions are available at €50 for a one hour session.

  • Programmes lasting a number of week will be offered at a discounted rate.

Please contact Katie for an individual consultation plus further enquiries.

...Katie brings a true mind, body and soul approach to yoga always topped with enthusiasm and joy. One of the things I also really appreciated about the individual sessions was the freedom and the positive "don't beat yourself up" approach to the practice. There is a respect for everyone's rhythm, different availability and abilities. 


I did not realize how much I would benefit from these sessions until I tried them and I recommend for anyone to try it at least once as it gives you a whole new view and focus to the practice. I am delighted with the results. These sessions made yoga much more meaningful in my life."

Yoga One to One. Is it for you?


In our experience there are three main groups who can benefit from one to one sessions.

Those new to Yoga/returning to Yoga

  • Introduction to basic form, alignment, breathing practices and relaxation.

  • Allows students discover their own unique body traits (body type, postural holding patterns, hyper-mobility).

  • Allows the student to gain confidence so to they will feel more comfortable in a classroom setting.

  • Affords time to delve into mindfulness, meditation or other elements of a yoga practice that might not be the primary focus in beginner or slower flow based class.

  • Allows those who feel less comfortable in a classroom setting have the freedom to ask specific questions and receive answers tailored to their own needs.

Those who can benefit from Yoga as a complimentary therapy


  • Learn techniques to help your emotional, physical and mental well being. Improve cognitive and physical function.

  • Develop personalised injury recovery, mobility and strength building practices.

  • Management of stress related issues and holding of chronic tension.

  • Develop complimentary therapeutic tools for managing anxiety, depression, auto immune illnesses, osteoporosis, arthritis and many more ailments of the human body.

Experienced Practitioners hoping to deepen their personal practice


  • Help seasoned Yoga practitioners to deepen their own personal practice through improved alignment, breathing and meditative techniques. 

  • One to one sessions will allow students to develop a tailored approach to their practice outside of formal settings.

  • Explore new postures in a safe away.

  • Deepen your knowledge of yoga as a way of life.

"I feel happily spoiled after my one-on-one yoga sessions. Katie brings a unique positivity and joy to the sessions which are contagious. I thoroughly enjoy the group classes and I love how in the individual sessions she can talk you through some of the postures giving you a deeper understanding of these but also tailoring and adapting poses and practice programmes to my needs. I originally though individual session would be for the "elite" yogis but I truly feel that everyone at any level of yoga would highly benefit from it.

I tried the individual sessions because of my scoliosis, and I was able to adapt my practice to focus on improving my posture and working on my back. It definitely made a difference, I am stronger and more flexible. However, the sessions have had an impact not just improving my back issues but also my overall well-being...

Sara Leitao