Katie Ahern

My Story....

I was first introduced to yoga at the age of 16 but It was not until later when traveling in Nepal after college that I really discovered the true power of the practice. What started as a 3 day meditation Yoga retreat led on to a three week retreat and ultimately the beginning of a whole new journey and chapter in my life. I originally understood Yoga to be just about movement, but from studying the philosophy, experiencing the clarity and stillness of mind and developing the strength and openness of body, I knew these yogis were onto something! I was gripped..... 



I went on to spend the majority of the next four years In India and Thailand. Here, I had the opportunity to study under different teachers, discover different styles and explore the various lineages. Many people believe that you should have one teacher but for me the power of Asthanga, the alignment of Iyengar and the energy from Kundalini is what truely inspired my transformation, practice and teaching. In March 2014, I completed a 200hr yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India with Tattva Yoga Shala.



From India I went on to spend the next year living and teaching yoga in a mindful recovery and self development community in Thailand called Newlife foundation. It was a place for people to learn ways to understand and deal with issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety and stress, based on Buddhist psychology and mindfulness. Here is where I really developed and grew not only as teacher but as the person I am  today, learning to accept and love all the challenges, good and bad that life deals us. 

Before discovering Yoga, I completed a degree in Criminal Justice in Waterford.  At the time  I saw myself working  in rehabilitation and youth justice programmes. Although my life has moved away from this at the moment, I have a passion to work within therapy and hope my skills, experience and insights as a yoga teacher will allow me, in time to move  back into this area (albeit in a different capacity than I had originally envisaged).

I have gone on many Buddhist based retreats in India and France and consider the Plum Village way, the teaching of Thich nhat hanh to be a huge influence on my life and practice.  In 2017, I completed a 300hr Neuromuscular and advanced yoga training and Yin and Mindfulness with my teacher Josh Summers, In 2018, I competed a course in FRC (functional range conditioning) with Dr. Andreo Spina.  I have taken hundreds of workshops over the course of my yogic life to enhance my skills as a practitioner and teacher. Yoga is not only my job but also my hobby, passion and lifestyle choice. 

I have been extremely luck in 2019 to have studied under the guidance of Cecily from Yoga Detour and Jules Mitchel from Bio-mechanic's and Yoga.


I believes that the breath is the connection for calming the mind and staying present in each moment, cultivating an awareness to every sensation, breath, feeling and thought throughout our practice. This allows us an opportunity into the nature of the mind and to begin to see patterns which initiate the transformation for change. For me, this is the real power of yoga and a theme that runs through all of my classes.


Hazel O'Sullivan

My Story.....

I attended my first Yoga class in 2010. It made me feel free, in my body & my mind. I remember feeling more myself than I had in years. I pretty much decided that day that I wanted to be a Yoga teacher and spread that feeling to as many people as I could. My 200 hr TTC was in 2012 and had a strong focus on Ashtanga and Vinyasa practices. 

Soon after, I moved to Wellington, NZ where I continued an Ashtanga Mysore practice in a beautiful studio. I also taught in studios across Wellington & in large corporations there too. 



Since 2016, I have taught in Dublin & Cork, in studios & for a lot of large companies. I have worked with and assisted some inspiring teachers along the way who have all shaped me in some way or another. 

My aim, as a teacher is to allow you to deeply connect with your body & mind. To not only learn Asanas (poses) but learn about yourself in the process. Yoga has taught me a lot about myself, my reactions, my unconscious thought patterns & habitual ways of being. Because of that awareness, I have learned (and am still learning) to make better choices for myself and lead a happier and more fulfilling life. I want to offer you the space to do the same. 

I now love teaching a combination all that I have learned over the past 8 years. 

My classes are lighthearted with a focus on embodiment, self awareness & breath.

It was here Yoga really taught me that, once I had my mat, I could be at home anywhere, at home in my body. Because I was quite homesick, this was so helpful. Ashtanga is a very dynamic, strong practice, which I loved but my body started to prefer a softer touch once I landed back home. 

I completed a Yin Yoga training in 2018 with Josh Summers where I really got a deeper understanding of different bodies and the variety we all have from person to person. Practicing Yin has also been an invaluable tool for self regulation and opened the door for me to meditation & breathwork & exploring the mind.